Alien Invasion Campaign

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Alien Invasion is a 10-stage campaign for The Sandbox. In it, the player can now create and play with Aliens living forms.

Day 1: Fire rain
What's this? A meteorite shower? We must help the humans caught in this strange hazard! Let's get them to safety and then investigate.

  • Avoid the Meteorites: Get a human to the first station in order to start up the main defenses.
  • Get Them to Safety: Get both humans to the laser defense building.

Day 2: Meteorite
Whhhoa! This meteor contains an unknown crystal element from outer space! Also, a strange thing is moving below. Let's investigate.

  • A New Element!: Make a safe path to the meteor debris.
  • Spacemen: Tell the human to walk down to the crater bottom.

Day 3: Area 51
The scientists are investigating the Xenovine and the Aluminite's properties in Area51 labs. An accident is about to happen. Help the scientists contain the Xenovine!

  • Outbreak!: Make sure the Xenovine is contained in the lower lab.
  • Laser Lab: Help the humans figure out how to fight the Xenovine in the laser lab.
  • Lights On: Turn on the lights in the three labs.

Day 4: Sewers
Perhaps we started off on the wrong foot. Let's make contact with the Xenovine and see what happens. Maybe it will be friendly to humans!

  • Xenovine Must Grow: Help the Xenovine grow to the subway entrance.
  • Contact the Xenovine: Tell a human to contact the Xenovine in the subway entrance.

Day 5: Launch
The Aluminite is so useful that our humans are sending a team to the alien planet to gather more.

  • Fuel the Ship: Build the pipes and load the Ship with oil.
  • Load the Lander: Fly the Lander to the Ship's cargo bay.

Day 6: Fire in space
The space shuttle is traveling to the alien planet on an Aluminite mining mission. But a short-circuit is about to spell disaster!

  • Short-Circuit!!: The emergency circuit is down! Override it!

Day 7: Landing
This planet is strange! Let's land the ship and take a closer look.

  • Safe Landing: Maneuver the Lander through the hazards to the landing base.

Day 8: Base Defense
The Humans are trying to establish a colony on the planet. They're building a terraforming machine and a base...but alien life has other ideas.

  • Space Base: Help the Spaceman survive for at least 2.5 minutes.
  • Lava Generator: Help build the Lava Generator and start it.

Day 9: Reaction
The Spaceman has detected Aluminite on the far side of this mountain. Help him get there!

  • Mushboom Reaction: Make a path so the spaceman can reach the Aluminite deposit.

Day 10: Aluminite
WHOA! The Spaceman located a huge Aluminite deposit, but his machine is jammed. Let's help!

  • Kill the Xenovine Mother: Find a way to destroy the Xenovine Mother.
  • Jackpot!: Fill the cargo bay with Aluminite so we can go home.
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