Arnold Campaign 1

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Arnold 1 The Arnold campaign introduces Arnold, the new action hero! Control him to jump, shoot and place bombs.

Day 1: Weapons
Welcome back to the Bearded Man’s military training facility, tenderfoot ! Today you’ll learn about shooting and placing bombs. Look lively!

  • To place a Bomb, you must duck by pressing down. The shoot button will change to a bomb button while ducking, and Arnold will drop a bomb in front of him.
  • Bullets explode and produce some heat. Shoot the heat sensor button to open the first gate. You’ll need to kill the Zombies first.

Day 2: Movement
Geat ready to exercise, you little squirt! You’ll have to double-Jump and Duck to survive this second training course.
DAY2.PNGbr />

  • You can Double Jump by jumping in mid-air. This allows you to reach higher places and jump longer distances without touching the ground.
  • Duck by pressing down. You can duck to dodge projectiles and pass through small spaces.

Day 3: Nature
Time for a nature lesson, you brute ! Throw yourself at these elements and see what happens !
DAY3.PNGbr />

  • Mud and Cold make you slow. Wax is sticky. You can’t jump when above it, but you can stick to it horizontally to climb walls.
  • You will move faster on Electrified Metal. You slide on Ice. Wet sand can trap you, and like Water, it can drown you.

Day 4: PowerUps
You’ve reached the Armory now, you oaf ! Have some fun destroying stuff while you learn what it does !
DAY4.PNGbr />

  • The HUD above tells you how much Bullets, Armor and Bombs you have.
  • Bazookas shoot a powerful missile that can even destroy Robots !
  • Body Armor helps you survive longer. Every time you’re hit, you’ll lose Armor but be invulnerable for two seconds.

Day 5: New Threats
What you see here is my very own Menagerie of Danger ! Study these new enemies and hazards. You may encounter them on your missions !
DAY5.PNGbr />

  • The Mummy is impervious to bullets, but extreme heat will kill it. Also, Grunts will follow and shoot you if they see you.
  • The Bomby will dash towards you and blow himself up when near.
  • Stalactites fall when touched by electro. Both will kill you on contact.

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