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In the Arnold 2 campaign, discover how hard could be an action hero’s basic week.

Day 1:Vietnam
Location: Vietnam. Hostages are being held in a secret compound deep in the jungle. Rescue them and get 'em to the chopper !

  • To get through the wall, drop bombs next to it.
  • When fighting robots, find cover and shoot rockets.
  • Below the wall is an impenetrable metal that's immune to explosions.

Day 2: Challenge
Location: Tanzania. Hidden compound. There's valuable intel under a certain coral reef. Infiltrate the enemy base !

  • Crouch when passing through the caverns.
  • When entering the wetsand, stay close to the edge.
  • To deactivate the rocket launcher, press the buttons on the right.

Day 3: Volcano
Location: Japan. An angry Sumo Fighter is trying to eliminate the local community by making a volcano erupt. We do not know his motives. Deal with him and escape!

  • There is an exploding barrel next to the glass wall. Shhot it and drown the Sumo Master in hot lava

Day 4: Prototypes
Location: Somewhere in Eastern Europe. Insurgents are developing an experimental war machine. This we cannot allow. Destroy their facility !

  • Enter the facility via the rooftop. Use the truck for a boost.
  • To infiltrate the facility, use bombs to open a path. But be careful - the enemy's prototypes are highly volatile.

Day 5: Poison
Location: Berlin. Mission: The Yakuza are trying to sabotage Germany's water purification plant. Give 'em hell !

  • Kill robots with rockets or bombs.
  • Be careful with the laser - it will kill you instantly.

Day 6: Epidemic
Location: Sahara Desert. An abandoned military base shows signs of suspicious activity. Zombies sighted in the area. Caution is advised.

  • he Mummy won't die like most undead creatures. Only extreme heat kills him, i.e. heat produced by a Ruby Beam.

Day 7: Infestation
Location: Sahara Desert. Unidentified infestation present in this facility. Intel says it's the cause of the Undead outbreak. Your mission: cleanse the area.

  • The machine's Lava surge happens at irregular intervals. Destroy the mechanism by placing a bomb in the beam projector.
  • Use bullets and bombs in the right places to burn the last blighted vines.

Day 8: Tyrant
ocation: Somewhere in Eastern Europe. Boris Diktarovsky has forcefully seized control of his country. Let's drop the curtain on his reign of terror !

  • You can eliminate the first guard by dropping a bomb down the chimney.
  • Avoid the Spikes by jumping between them. You can also disable them by bombing their power source.
  • Standing on the statue's remains, line up a perfect shot through the castle's window and take out the remaining guards.

Day 9: Spiky Chamber
ocation: England. Grab the enemy briefcase and leave their base. They aren't expecting you, so there won't be any guards.

  • There's Wax between the Spikes. You can get stuck, or you can wall jump it.
  • Be sure to enter the lab from the left corner. That sensor doesn't look friendly.

Day 10: Breach
Location: Planet X3-N0. An Alien invasion is imminent, and you must stop it. Strike at the enemy's heart and destroy every possible target !

  • The nests are flammable. A single well-placed shot or bomb should do the trick.
  • Create a step by destroying the base of the column in the middle of the level.
  • Your ammunition is precious, so conserve it. There are a few refills placed at key points.

Day 11: Destroy
Location: Planet X3-N0. These suckers have built their hive in the planet's main power facility. Let's use this to our advantage!

  • Electrify the floor by shooting the button on the pit's far side. Then perform a super jump.
  • Once you open the first gate, a moving platform will be released, allowing you to cross the acid pit.
  • When the heat beam is active, wait until it burns through the alien growth. This will open an escape route.

Day 12: Escape
The reactor has reached critical mass!!! The planet's about to explode! Get to your ship now!

  • The Wax on the walls at the end of the first corridor will let you wall jump.
  • To navigate the second corridor, you must drain the acid by shooting at the button in the left-hand corner.
  • Clear the rocks by placing a bomb at the base of the formation.

Day 13: Arena
Location: Antarctica. A few hours ago we received an alien trasmission from a remote place on this icy continent. We believe they're challenging you. Fools !

  • The Stalker follows a pattern. Jump Phase: jumps around, shooting at Arnold. Cloak Phase: turns invisible and reappears elsewhere. Cannon Phase: stays stationary and aims for 2 seconds, then fires an explosive strike.
  • Every time the Stalker is damaged, he's invulnerable until he reappears.

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