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Brainiac is a 11-stage campaign for The Sandbox. In it, the player discovers all Brainiac's potential. Scary!

Day 1: Acid falls
Time for an experiment. I'll fuse with the Brainiac by letting it attach to me 'Bzzt' I have estimated that Acid will harm me. Use glass to shield me!

  • Use Glass to protect the Brainiac from the Acid.
  • Assimilate with the Glass using the button next to the Electric button

Day 2: Elevator
Let's start by helping with some community work! 'Bzzt' Mission : carry the humans to their desired destinations

  • Be careful when activating the Gates. If you close a Gate when a human (or any pixel except Wall) is passing through, the Gate wille eliminate him.
  • If you make a mistake and the Humans don't go where you want them to, you can attract them with Wood and Stone.

Day 3: Aqueduct
The Aqueduct is broken and the city has lost its water supply! 'Bzzt' Commencing reconstruction. Using my assimilation powers

  • The repair parts should fit perfectly with the Aqueduct's support pillars.

Day 4: Free
Wake up and escape. Something has happened. 'Bzzt' But don't leave the scientist behind. Open the gate with the antenna atop the exit.

  • Push the metal structure atop the exit as a key to open the door.
  • By connecting to the cable on the right, you can deplete Acid from the interior.

Day 5: Rescue
That human is trapped in those Stones. 'Bzzt' I must open the trapdoor so the others can help him.

  • Elevate the container and let the Human fall so the Miners can reach him.
  • Below the container is a Gate. Open it so the Miners can handle the stone.

Day 6: In Ruins
A tragedy has occurred in a nearby city! Let's help! 'Bzzt' Survivors detected. Use the Rescue ship.

  • To rescue the Humans you must catch them by using the Toogle switch while above them. Deactivate it to move to the safe area, then use the right-hand button to release them.
  • If you get impatient with the Miners, use Stone to attract them to a favorable position.

Day 7: No Production
I have developed this Flying-Object-That-Humans-Can't-Identify, it will be known as FOTHCI... Trademark pending.

  • You need to destroy both tanks, the chopper and most of the base to move on.

Day 8: Rebel base
Target acquired. Mission: Carry robots to ground level and open the basement gate.

  • The anti-Brainiac sign is the key to opening the gate and letting the robots enter the basement.
  • Once you connect the sign to the cables, electrify it to open the gate.

Day 9: Iron Brain
Humans are confirmed to be a threat to order and peace. Must make tools for pacification. Finish the parts

  • It's more efficient to place all the lava first before activating the cooling system.

Day 10: MechAttack
Human Rebel city in sight. They've opened fire. Initiate Grey Mecha attack. Leave no survivors.

  • To clear this level, you must kill every Human.
  • The Grey Mecha's wheels generate lots of heat, which you can use to kill.

Day 11: awakening
What are you d- we must destroy this Weapons Factory! Use the Tri-Laser machine to reconnect the self-destruct mechanism and activate it!

  • The Tri-Laser has three different Beams which are activated by three different buttons: Tractor, Repulsor and Electric.

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