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Brainiac is a 15-stage campaign for The Sandbox. In it, the player discovers Brainiac's will of redemption. So sweet!

Day 1: Rebirth
Wake up...ok, you might feel a bit different, but you should be fully functional. Free yourself from this cage and pass through the gates below.

  • The Contraption has hatches that the Brainiac can open to release liquid. Use them to fill the left container with Water and activate the Liquid Sensor.
  • The right side has a Normal Sensor. To activate it, you must stop the Lava flow. Use the Contraption as a plug below the Lava hole and leave it there.

Day 2: Gyroscope
Get in this Contraption and see how it feels. It has a Tilt Module which lets you move by using your device's Gyroscope. Reach the path's end to clear this course.

  • The Tilt module makes the Brainiac move in whichever direction you tilt your device.
  • Remember to activate the Switch button when you dock in the second "body".

Day 3: Cave
Welcome back! This time you'll have to deal with some danger. Be careful because the Acid will kill you on contact!

  • You're stuck at the start. To move on, attach to the wood that's blocking you.
  • Acid will destroy you, so don't touch it. Take your time on this level.

Day 4: Precious
This Vault contains very valuable material. Use the Contraptions at your disposal to remove the material from the Vault.

  • Be careful with the Water below. Remember to open the lower Gate to remove the Water before opening the sides.
  • Use the last contraption to electrify the Metal and open the last Gate. Then drop the material into the contraption's container.

Day 5: Pyramid
You're near the hideout's exit. The rockets can kill you, so avoid them. This will be your last test.

  • Move the fake floor you're trapped under. You can also use it to defend yourself from the first wave of rockets.

Day 6: Flowers
You want to make a peace offering to the Humans? I don´t think that's very wise, but if you really want to do it, go ahead.

  • To win, all you need to do is pass through the Sensor beam with the Flower pot. Everything else is optional.

Day 7: Crane
As you can see, the humans really hate you right now. Let's work on your public image. Help this humans in need and prove yourself!

  • To enter the Crane control seat, you must move the door. Attach to it, move it, detach and then enter the crane.

Day 8: Extract
After you went nuts, many nations armed themselves with nukes. Show them you're a pacifist by taking one of their nukes and neutralizing it.

  • The decomissioning facility is the building on the left with yellow lights.
  • With the nuke attached, you are bigger, slower and more vulnerable. Try not to get hit by a rocket or a laser.

Day 9: The Ark
A gigantic storm is coming to this tropical area and someone must help the animals in the local zoo. The Ark is ready - use it to save as many animals as you can!

  • Be careful when opening the Gates for the Fox and the Lion. If you time it poorly, you might kill them!
  • For the second objective, you must fill the lower water tanks to the brim.
  • Every objective involves electrifying the Ark's cables with the Brainiac.

Day 10: Toys
Christmas is just around the corner and Santa´s elves have call in sick. You need to help Santa pack the toys before Christmas eve.

  • To grab the Powercells, use the Tractor Beam contraption. You can then move them with the Brainiac and use them to power the conveyor belt.
  • To move the Toy Bunnies, let some of them fall into the Transport Vehicle. Then go above the conveyor belt and use the Brainiac´s button to release them.

Day 11: Rooftops
Jump in this Mecha Santa disguise, so that kids don't realize Santa is MIA. Drop the presents down each chimney!

  • Mecha-Santa has a Gravity Module which lets you emulate a human's movements. You'll be affected by Gravity, so jump by pressing up on the d-pad.
  • Use the Wood scattered around the level to make a ladder and bring Mecha Santa to the elevated house.

Day 12: Cure
A deadly Virus has escaped from a research facility and the building has been quarantined. Cleanse the area using this AntiVirus machine! BR3D12.PNG

  • The left button shoots AntiVirus upwards. The right button shoots it downwards.
  • Try not to shoot too much AntiVirus carelessly, as it may block your path. The air ducts are narrow - if possible, shoot through the vents in each room.

Day 13: Warzone
Having made so many weapons, a group of humans has started a war. Stop them by using this Shield Body and release the Humans trapped in the debris.

  • To destroy the Rocket Launchers, use the Brainiac Shield to block missiles near the Launcher. The explosions will destroy it.
  • Make sure the Rocket Launchers have been destroyed before freeing the humans. If one human dies, you fail the mission.

Day 14: Gratitude
You can finally rest! It's time to enter the monument and celebrate by shooting off some fireworks!

  • To continue, start the fireworks. Enter into the Big Brainiac Body and electrify everything.

Day 15: Hero
Acid Rain is the consequence of so much pollution and war. Make a protective dome by heating up sand to make glass, and save the city!

  • Your main Pulsor button will drop Sand. The other one will shoot a Heat Laser.
  • Make sure to fill every possible space with Glass. Otherwise, the Acid will seep through and destroy the city.

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