Contraption Campaign

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The Contraption Campaign is a large update to The Sandbox allowing for the creation of machines (e.g., contraptions).

Day 1: LED Machine
Hello, friend! Are you ready to learn about some cool electronics? Let's see what LEDs can do!

  • Turn on the LEDs: Put a pinto in the correct place.

Day 2: FM
LEDs will spread their electric charge amongst themselves, so try connecting them to the power source.

  • Draw some LEDs: Draw LEDs over the green area in the car stereo's graphic equalizer.

Day 3: Thermometer
Sensors detect specific qualities. Add them and see how they work with different temperatures.

  • Fix the Termometer: Put all temperature sensors in the correct spots and set temperature to VERY HOT.

Day 4: Traffic Lights
Two of these four Semaphores are broken! Fix them with Crossbridge before an accident happens! Put them in green.

  • Fix the Semaphore: You can overlap 2 separate circuits with 3 Crosswire pixels in a row, to form a cross with metal. Turn on Green Leds.

Day 5: Warming system
It's cold outside, so let's warm these homes up! Fix their heating and their Cold Sensor.

  • Warm the house up: Install the Cold sensor where the arrow is pointing -- but first fix the third house's heating system by adding a Heater.

Day 6: Dam system
Do you enjoy helping others? The automatic Dam is broken. Mind fixing it while I rest?

  • Fix the Dam's automatic system: Install the liquid sensor and fix the Dam system's wiring.

Day 7: Protect the bird
Oh no! The oven is filled with C4 and it's about to explode! Let's save our pet!

  • Save your parrot: Draw a wall over the oven to save the pet from the expansive wave. Quickly, before the explosion!

Day 8: You're a pirate!
That ship needs help activating its cannons. Let's teach them how to use CROSSWIRE!

  • Turn on the cannons: Complete the wiring in order to activate the cannons. Make sure you don't ignite your TNT reserve!

Day 9: Demolition
Hey! TNT will explode with pressure or heat. Handle with care to demolish this old building.

  • Ignite some TNT over the green area: Add pinto and fire it up with any kind of heat. Make sure it starts the TNT chain reaction.

Day 10: Deactivate it!
I know explosions look cool, but a bomb is a very bad thing. Analyze and disable it fast!

  • Stop the bomb: You must figure out how to stop the ectricity flow.

Day 11: Timer
The LED timer is broken. All the numbers work perfectly, except 7. Analyze the wires and fix it!

  • Fix the number 7 on the timer: Fix the number 7 using the Crosswire element. The Circuit uses LEDs to isolate missing electros.