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The Dinosaurs Campaign is a Campaign for The Sandbox which adds prehistoric Dinosaurs to gameplay, opening new strategies and mission types.

Day 1: Hunter hunted
That carnivore thinks my creations are made for eating. I must protect my little dinosaur!

  • Save him: Save my beloved herbivore from that carnivore. There are multiple ways to do it, so be creative!

Day 2: Prehistoric virus
Oh no! My new dinosaur was walking and fell into this cave! Protect him from the aggressive Virus floating around!

  • Be a doctor: Protect the dinosaur from the virus, using elements I gave you!

Day 3: Hydrate
This dinosaur always wants to play underground. He must be thirsty. Send him some water!

  • Hydrate: Use Eraser to dig in the cave and get water to the dinosaur without spoiling it.

Day 4: Freeze the dinosaur
I'm getting bored with these dinosaurs, but I'd at least like to keep one. Let's freeze this guy!

  • Conserver: Freeze this dinosaur.

Day 5: Hibernation
These dinosaurs are trying to survive the winter, so let's give them some heat. I'm getting nervous with all of the care they need!

  • Hibernation: These dinosaurs need to warm up. Let some natural energy turn that heater on!

Day 6: TNT for everyone!
Ok, I've had enough! These dinosaurs are destroying everything I create. Stop them!

  • Dinosaurs explosion: Stop the Dinosaurs from ruining everything! Use heat or weight to activate the TNT on the floor.

Day 7: Acid death
Another bad dino! But this one is smarter and took to higher ground.

  • Acid death: Try putting that acid over the bad dinosaur up there.

Day 8: Protect the little one
Wow, this new Dinosaur is strong! Let's protect the little one by killing the T-Rex with Virus.

  • Save the little Dino: Destroy the T-Rex with Virus. Then destroy the Virus with acid, using the caves and the FILL tool.

Day 9: Lava rain
I need to get rid of this creation -- it's causing me too many problems. I want to do it quick, though. Will you help me?

  • Lava rain: Use some power pixels to activate the lava machine I made, and destroy the bad dinos!

Day 10: Dino energy
Some time ago, I decided that dinosaurs where too much to handle. So now they're oil! Let's show the humans how to use it!

  • Drain: Use some MULTI in order to make an oil pump system.

Day 11: Time travel
Dinosaurs are extinct, but a scientist is traveling back in time to find some of their treasure!

  • Time Travel: Give some energy to the battery powering the machine!

Day 12: Spelunking time!
The scientist came for some special minerals hidden in a deep cave. The dinosaurs ARE NOT happy to see him!

  • Infiltration: Enter the cave and don't hesitate to destroy any dinosaurs barring your way!

Day 13: Lights on!
This cave is REALLY dark...and the dinosaurs are getting closer!

  • Lights, Please!: The lights aren't working. You need them to repel the dinosaurs!

Day 14: Ford the lava
Eureka -- we found the minerals! Let's grab them and get outta here quick!

  • Get the Treasure: Maneuver through the Lava spots to reach the minerals!

Day 15: Back... to the future!
Ay caramba! We're all set to depart and now the time machine is malfunctioning. Hurry, let's fix it!

  • Homeward Bound: Apparently the general energy source is failing. Let's use Hot sensors to create energy from heat.
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