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The Ecology campaign is a 20-stage campaign for The Sandbox. In it, you can discover New Natural Disasters elements and save the earth!

Day 1: Earthquake
When the Earth adjusts its balance, the consequences can sometimes be drastic. Let's see how an earthquake works by looking at the one that occurred in Haiti a few years ago.

  • Trigger a big earthquake: Select the Epicenter element and drop some of it on the terrain.

Day 2: Spint It
Have you noticed the world's climate is changing? Some places became hotter than usual, while others became extremely cold. Typhoons are a meteorological disorder too.

  • Cast a Tornado: Cast a Tornado over a small abandoned key in the Philippines.

Day 3: New Wave
This was once a peaceful, seaside Japanese city. But a tsunami triggered by an underwater earthquake changed it forever!

  • Make a tsunami: Drop some Tsunami seeds into the sea.

Day 4: Eruption
Nature is fascinating and dangerous! Here's a replica of Pompeii, near Mount Vesuvius. The eruption erased the city from history, until it was rediscovered hundreds of years later!

  • Make Mount Vesuvius erupt: Eruption works with any liquid. Drop several Eruption seeds in the lava.

Day 5: Escape the tornado!
A tornado in Kansas, USA is about to destroy everything in its path, including this farm. Help the avatar reach the shelter!

  • Take shelter: Make the avatar walk across the farm as fast as he can and take refuge in the shelter.

Day 6: Desalination
When contamination diminished its water resources, Israel developed a machine that uses multi-stage flash distillation to turn sea water into drinking water.

  • Fix the rusted circuit: Sea water has rusted the circuit. Fix it so the machine can make fresh water!

Day 7: Desalination 2
With the circuit fixed, you can operate the machine! The mud will absorb the salt from the sea water, converting it into fresh water. You must operate it to make it work.

  • Operate the machine: Eliminate the salty mud. Add the new mud and then activate the machine's water provider.

Day 8: Protect the Whale
An oil tanker has crashed into a reef in Alaska, and the resulting oil spill has rendered a whale unable to breathe! We must help her at any cost. Let's destroy the oil tanker!

  • The whale must breathe: Destroy the oil tanker and make sure that the ocean is clean for the whale.

Day 9: The Origin of Volcanoes
Lets recreate a volcano in Mexico called Paricutin. Volcanoes are formed when two tectonic plates clash and one of them sinks below the other, causing a huge movement of earth.

  • Volcanic birth: Use Earthquake underground to make a volcano.

Day 10: Save the Whale
A whale has lost its way and is now trapped somewhere deep in the Arctic Ocean. Even worse, all of the places where it can breathe are blocked by ice!

  • Open the air pockets: Use the ice-melting machine to create air pockets which you can guide the whale to..

Day 11: Wall of Trees
A big flood is coming down from the high hills. Stop it and prevent the house from being destroyed!

  • Stop the flood: Use natural objects to stop the imminent flood.

Day 12: Wildfire
Mankind is nature's worst enemy. Flooding is one consequence of excessive deforestation. Let's see an example.

  • A world of woodchoppers: Convert all humans into woodchoppers

Day 13: Restore the Ecosystem
Pollution is a serious problem in China due to its large number of factories. Let's stop this one from contaminating the river!

  • Stop pollution: Stop the waste flow by activating its shutdown mechanism.
  • Recover the land: Fix the water pipe to plant some trees on the barren wasteland to the right.

Day 14: Air Pollution
A factory produces a lot of smoke. Activate its pollution control system. Take smoke particles, solidifies and purifies them with heat before running them through an air filter..

  • Repair (1#): Use only metal to repair the machine
  • Unclog (#2): Unclog the pipes to let the machine function properly
  • Power it up (#3): Power up the machine with battery

Day 15: Aftermath
A Typhoon has left a Philippino village devastated. It's time to rebuild, but a mix of debris and mud litters the area and the humans can't reach the resources they need!

  • Rebuild!: Give the humans access to the materials so the builder can start rebuilding.

Day 16: Survive the Tsunami
A tsunami is approaching Japan and one human hasn't evacuated yet! Be quick and help him reach the top of the Tsunami Tower before the approaching flood reaches the area!

  • Open a path for the human: Help the MINER human survive the tsunami by leading him to the top of the Tsunami Tower.

Day 17: Oil Spill
An oil spill has occurred near Mexico! A ship is onsite for clean-up, but its engines have failed and it's draining system is broken! Help the avatar repair the pump system.

  • Fix the pumps!: Use the avatar to repair the pumps and reconnect the broken wires to repair the system.

Day 18: Soil Restoration
Soil salinity in Australia has always been a big problem for the country's agricultural production. Let's go through the leaching process and show them how it works.

  • Pour sea water: Drop Sea water over the mud to fill it with salt. Nothing will grow in it!
  • Heat it up!: Heat up the salty mud to leach the salt out of it and make your own Salt Pan.

Day 19: The Sum of all Fears
Arguably humankind's worst invention, the Nuke is a bomb that should never have been created. I'd like to show you it's terrible effects.

  • Throw a Nuke: Throw a Nuke in this world and witness the devastation.

Day 20: Nuclear Monster
Control the avatar to try and stop the incoming Nuke.

  • Defense system activation: Choose the correct platform and engage the defense system before the nuke reaches the area.

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