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Farm Life is a 15-stage campaign for The Sandbox. In it, the player can now create and play with farm life elements!

Day 1: Fishing Pier
Two humans have decided to go fishing, but they don't know how! Teach them by using the Fisherman Dust, and watch them fish!

  • Teach them to Fish: Turn the humans into Fishermen with the Fisherman Dust. Watch them catch at least five fish.

Day 2: Working
This vast land is so fertile. Why don't you try harvesting its riches?

  • Watch him work : Make the human a farmer and watch him work.

Day 3: Ruined Farm
A farm has been ruined by drought and is on the verge of bankruptcy. Help the farmer recover by bringing the rain!

  • Make it rain : Revive the soil by using steam to make clouds, and help the farmer plant crops.

Day 4: Catch the Fox
A Fox is preparing to leave his lair and hunt! Once he triggers the trap, use Electro to catch him and stop him from killing the chickens.

  • Catch the Fox: At the correct moment, electrify the upper part of the trap to close the right door.

Day 5: Meet the Crow
Crows are carrion birds. This means they eat dead animals and crops.

  • Place a Scarecrow: Stave off a crow attack by installing a scarecrow in the part of the fields that the farmer can't reach.

Day 6: Tractor Intro
Let me show you this machine -- it's called a Tractor. It's much faster than the farmer and flattens the land with ease.

  • Tractor Race: Place a human and make him a farmer so he can race my invention.

Day 7: Open the Way
A 2D world may trap the tractor between some trees. Use those humans to clear a path so it can reach the crops.

  • Chop the trees: Cut down the trees without harming the humans.
  • Out of the Way!: Move the humans away from the tractor's path.

Day 8: Grain Storage
This machine is used to store wheat grain in Solis, but some of the wires powering up the moving mechanism are broken. Fix them !

  • Repair the broken wires: Use metal on the missing wires to make the conveyor belt work.
  • Make sure it works: The machine must store some wheat grain in each silo.

Day 9: Greenhouse
Not all vegetables are grown freely. Depending on the soil quality, you may require a controlled environment. Make this Greenhouse work!

  • Turn the Soil to Mud: Water the soil by using Electro on the glass roof's mechanisms.
  • Plant the Corn : Once the soil is watered, plant Corn in the correct spot.
  • Plant the Pumpkins : Once the soil i swaggered, plant Pumpkins in the correct spot.

Day 10: Electro Fishing
This man is trying to catch fish in order to study them, and he needs to stun them with electricity. Help him by building a renewable metal base for his Boat!

  • Regenerate the Metal: Think a solution so the scientist can stun the fish even when seawater rusts the electrification system.

Day 11: Cold HenHouse
A chicken coop is suffering from Winter's harsh conditions, and the Eggs won't hatch unless you protect them from the cold temperatures outside!

  • Make the Eggs hatch: Use an element in the Green area to isolate the interior from the Cold.

Day 12: Egg Factory
That rickety chicken coop has improved much, but our help is needed once again. A fuel tank is empty and the truck's cooling system is broken !

  • Fuel the Tank: The coop's left side needs energy to function. Pour Oil in the tank.
  • Repair the refrigerated truck: The trucks Cooling System is broken. Fix it with Metal.
  • Get the Eggs to the Truck: Once everything is repaired, make sure the eggs get to the truck.

Day 13: Blast Fishing
Fishermen are exploring new ways to exploit natural resources. In this case they're using bombs to kill fish en masse.

  • Zap: Power the two green metals on the crane.
  • Up it goes!: Make the human press the button to move the Multi upwards.
  • Take Aim: Make the top laser push the Multi towards the crane.

Day 14: Sprinkler
Repair and then activate the machine so the farmer can work. Be careful not to break the machine -- it will leak Acid!

  • UFO antenna: Electrify the UFO to illuminate the barn and fix the cable.
  • Fix the Sprinkler: Use Crosswire and Metal to fix the machine and allow the farmer to work.

Day 15: Bake a Shop
It's time to learn about the humans' Buildings! Use the provided elements to get lots of Vegetables so you can make a Bakery!

  • Place a Tractor in the Greenhouse: Spawn a Tractor in the lower floor to make the machine work.
  • Turn the humans into Farmers: Make the humans start harvesting vegetables.
  • Make a Bakery: Gather 45 vegetables and spawn a Bakery on the space to the left.

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