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Heroes is a 15-stage campaign for The Sandbox. In it, the player discovers Invincible's super heroes Team and their incredible powers! Ready? Action!

Day 1: Invincible
Hi there - I'm Invincible. It can be tough juggling my personal life with being a hero, so help me out! I can fly, punch things, and I'm virtually invincible!

  • Invincible can fly with the Flying button and destroy things with the Punching button. When he punches enemies, he sends them flying!
  • To destroy the Heavy Weapons, destroy the Laser emitter.

Day 2: Monster Girl
Get in this Contraption and see how it feels. It has a Tilt Module which lets you move by using your device's Gyroscope. Reach the path's end to clear this course.

  • If you crouch and attack while in monster form, you can slam the ground. This will cause a small earthquake.
  • Remember to activate the Switch button when you dock in the second "body".

Day 3: Rex-Splode
With my skills, it should be easy to reach these people and help them. I can throw explosions in any direction and launch myself by shooting explosions below me!

  • Rex can use his explosions to propel himself.
  • To jump, aim your explosions at your feet.

Day 4: Dupli-Kate
We'll need a spaceship for the next mission, but we won't need a crew because I can clone myself! Let's start by accessing the pilot seats.

  • Dupli-Kate uses the Cloning button to clone herself. The clones mirror her movement (opposite direction), and each new clone mirrors the movement of the last one.

Day 5: Arrival
We've received a distress call from the Space Research Colony on planet S3-QD. Let's go Monster Girl! We're the landing team!

  • Bring Monster Girl to the building's top and do a Ground Slam to enter the building. Use Invincible to clear the path for Monster Girl.
  • To meet the survivors, destroy the defense turret they placed in desperation. Try not to kill them.

Day 6: Cold touch
We found a lead, but we need to pass through an Ice Cave. Let's go Invincible - we have the most mobility. If you freeze, I'll help you out!

  • If you shoot Invincible while he's frozen, you'll shatter him and lose the level.
  • Use Rex to shoot the ice rocks. They'll fall into the abyss, unfreezing Invincible in the process.

Day 7: Obstacle
There's a weird mechanism blocking our path. Let's help each other so we can meet up!

  • Place a copy of Dupli-Kate in each container
  • Use copies of Dupli-Kate to vault over obstacles

Day 8: The Sequids
Are these...the Sequids?! We're in danger! Let's deal with the ones over here and let the others know!

  • Monster Girl (human form) and Rex are vulnerable to the Sequids. Keep your distance and destroy them from afar.
  • If you lose a hero, you can't continue.

Day 9: Menace
The others are dealing with the bulk of the Sequid Horde. It's up to us to stop them from launching any spaceships. Let's do this, Kate!

  • Stack Kates on top of each other to help Monster Girl enter the building.
  • The button at the top of the left-hand room causes the Oil tanks to leak. Use Monster Girl to break the glass and fill the room with Oil.
  • The button at the bottom of the left-hand room turn on the lights in the right-hand room. This will ignite Oil.

Day 10: Back Home
We're too late! The Sequids have overrun the Army at the landing site. Be careful - some of the abandoned weapons are still active.

  • Use Monster Girl's rocks to clear a path for Invincible.
  • Use Invincible to activate the Gates so Monster Girl can advance.

Day 11: Outbreak
Most of the civilians were evacuated, but in the heat of battle Invincible was caught! I'll help him out and we'll keep moving!

  • To fire the Heat Beam, climb to the top with Dupli-Kate.
  • You can use Invincible as a stepping stone.

Day 12: Teamwork
We lost contact with Invincible. Seems he went in recklessly again. We must free him so he can activate the cleanup device and then run! HDAY12.PNG

  • The city is prepared for disasters of all kinds. Make Dupli-Kate activate all the buttons below to rid the sewers of Sequids so that Rex-Splode can move safely through.
  • Free Invincible by shooting an explosion at him with Rex-Splode.

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