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The Initial Campaign is a 30-stage campaign for The Sandbox, and is the only campaign which is included for free in the app release.

Day 1 : Genesis
Let's get started with Day 1, shall we? Here are two simple tasks: Create Mud and Sand!

  • Make Mud: Mix Water and Soil to get fertile Soil, also known as Mud!
  • Make Sand: If Water erodes Stone long enough, you get Sand!

Day 2 : Sun Power
Now, I give you the power of... the Sun! Turn it ON and observe what happens above the Mud. (How 'bout zooming in?)

  • Discover Flower: Turn the Sun system ON -- Flowers will grow if there is Mud exposed!
  • Use zoom: Tap on the Zoom button to zoom in and out!

Day 3: Rain maker
Let's play around with the Weather. Time to create a storm!

  • Make Cloud: Turn the Weather system ON and Water will turn into Steam -- which turns into Clouds!
  • Make Electro: If a Cloud is big enough, lightning bolts will be created! Use Steam to enlarge them.(Unlock Steam from the element menu.)

Day 4: Save it
Would you look at that? We made a bit of a mess! How about we learn how to manage and clean up our universe?

  • Save Universe: Access the World section and save your creation!
  • Reset Universe: Tap the Reset button in the World section!
  • Load Universe: Load any Universe!

Day 5: Burning trees
I'm feeling destructive today...hey, that's a nice Forest. Give that Temperature Button a whirl and see what happens!

  • Make Fire: Increase the Temperature!
  • Make Oil: Burnt trees will drop ashes on the ground. Put some pressure over them!
  • Burn Oil: Use Fire on Oil and watch it burn!

Day 6: Mine and plant
Look at that majestic Mountain. I wonder if Mining it will produce anything new...?

  • Mine the Mountain: Use the Pickaxe Tool in the World section on the Mountain and discover a new Element!
  • Make Tree: Plant one Seed in Mud while the Sun system is ON to grow one tree.
  • Make Lava: Heat up stone by igniting oil or a bunch of trees with fire.

Day 7: Metal Box
Now that we have Metal, try making a Metal Box where I drew the square. I think it's somehow related to circuits...

  • Draw the Metal Box: Draw a Metal Box where the green box is.
  • Make Electricity: Throw some Electros at your Metal Box!

Day 8: Lighthouse
The Lighthouse I made looks pretty, doesn't it? Alas, I don't know what it can be used for. Got any ideas?

  • Place the Missing Bulb: Do you see 2 Powered Bulbs? There should be 2 somewhere...

Day 9 : Boiling
Ever since we discovered Electricity, I've had this 'hot' idea in my head -- but I'll let you Power up the design.

  • Make Heater: Use a Power element where the arrow is pointing!
  • Show the Glow: Turn the Light ON and watch Electricity run through an open circuit to create Sparks!

Day 10: Freezing
Now that we've built a Heater, I believe we can build its opposite, right?

  • Make Cooler: Use a Power pixel where the arrow is pointing!
  • Make Ice: When Water is sufficiently cooled, it turns into Ice! Throw in some Water!

Day 11: Volcano
Ok, I've got a little challenge for ya! Here is a Volcano, and a list of tasks. Accomplish them without changing the Temperature of the Universe!

  • Light the Volcano: Use any means to light the Volcano (except the Temperature system)!
  • Boil some Water: Boil Water without changing the Temperature system from Normal!

Day 12: Freezing Lake
Let's keep the challenges coming. Here's a Lake and a new set of tasks. Good luck!

  • Make Glass: Try converting Sand to Glass, somehow.
  • Make Snow: Do you see those clouds? Can you make them snow?
  • Freeze the Lake: Let's freeze all of that water.

Day 13: Destilation
Time to learn something new! Did you know that Water has three states, and yet we describe it four different ways?

  • Water Distillation: Add Heater and Cooler, then turn the Power Element ON by holding your finger on it.
  • Melt Snow: Melt some Snow without changing the Temperature system from Normal!

Day 14: Oil Lamp
Check out this new super-cool Element: Multi. If you learn how to use it, I may just give it to you!

  • Check out this new super-cool Element: Multi. If you learn how to use it, I may just give it to you!
  • Make Oil Lamp: Make the Oil Lamp work! Don't forget to light the Oil

Day 15: Fill!
Here's a new Tool: Fill. True to its name, it will fill up any closed shape with the Element you select. Here, give it a try!

  • Use Fill: Try the Fill Tool and experiment all you want!

Day 16: Battery
Time for another Chemistry lesson -- let's make a Battery!

  • Make Battery: Power up the Lamp and the Heater! You must fix the old battery to the left.

Day 17: Waterfall
I just love learning new stuff -- how 'bout you? Next, let's create a Waterfall, and I'll also teach you about that black Element!

  • Make Waterfall: Make the Waterfall with Multi!

Day 18: Find the cure
I have an idea -- let's play a game! Oh, and it's also time to learn about Backgrounds. Get one free from the shop and put it in your Universe!

  • Virus Maze: Get at least one Virus out of the Maze!

Day 19: Dam
The Water Dam is filling up! Let's avoid a disaster by opening the gates. Melt the Wax Element -- if you Heat it up, it will liquify. Watch closely!

  • Water Dam: Flood the village by opening the Dam!

Day 20: Acid issue
Uh-oh -- my destructive urge is back! Hey – let's play with two new things: Gas and Acid Rain! Here's a little tip: Turn ON the Temperature System.

  • Kaboom: Blow up the gas in that room and watch! (The Temperature System must be ON)
  • Make Acid Rain: Water and Acid make Acidic Water. Now, guess how it becomes Acid Rain!

Day 21: Replace
Time to learn about a new Tool: Replace!

  • Use Replace: Use Replace Tool. It exchanges ALL pixels of the type tapped for the one selected.

Day 22: Fill the world
I've just created this super awesome planet, but it needs some filling. Hey, I know! Why don't you apply the finishing touches?

  • The Earth: Use the Fill Tool and paint the Earth with the proper colors!

Day 23: Factory problems
Oh no! These guys built this Factory, but as you can see it's clogged! Quick, find the clog and clear the pipes!

  • Clogged Factory: Find the clog at the Factory and clear it!

Day 24: Factory problems 2
Someone put the wrong elements in the machine. Please fix it!

  • Replace elements: Replace the 3 elements on the left with steam, oil and gas. Then turn the machine on with Power (4).

Day 25: Diode
Time for an Electronics lesson: let's build a Diode. A Diode lets Electricity flow in only one direction!

  • Make Diode: Use Metal and follow the green lines -- then throw one Electro in the loop and watch what happens!

Day 26: Music!
Doh Re Mi Fa So La Ti Da! Or is it Doh? Ah, music. I just love music! Here, I composed a little something. Why don't you power it up?

  • Play a Song: Place ONE Electro at the left and listen to the song!

Day 27: Merry Christmas!
Christmas! My favorite time of year! But darn it -- the Lights on the Tree won't turn ON correctly. Please help!

  • Christmas: Make sure the Christmas tree Lights alternate properly! 1) Fix the circuit 2) Turn it on.

Day 28: Compose
I feel like listening to music again. Why don't you try and finish this song with the last 3 Notes?

  • Compose: Let's compose! Put Notes on the 3 green places and change the tune.

Day 29: Plant
I'm so creative! Look at these beautiful trees! But something is wrong -- there should be 6 trees here.

  • Find Tree: Look closely at those trees and decide which kind of tree you should plant on the hill.

Day 30: Fortune Teller
Let me introduce you a friend of mine. Eleanor will tell you the future, just ask her and watch!

  • Fortune Teller: Put Wall over every green dot. Then ask Eleanor a question and drop 1 acid from her hand.
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