Lasers & Pipes Campaign

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The Lasers & Pipes Campaign adds, as it's name suggests, Lasers and Pipes, allowing for the control and manipulation of light and fluid.

Day 1: Lasers
Lasers are cool, huh? Just think of all the things you can do with them. BZAAAAAAP!

  • Place the Lasers: Fill the green spots with Laser pixels, which only need a Glass pixel to work!

Day 2: Protect the crown!
Let's put these Lasers to good use by protecting the crown!

  • Reflect and Protect: Use Glass to reflect the Laser beam and make a square around the crown!

Day 3: Dinos in space
With Lasers you can reach any place you want. Check it out!

  • Laser Extinction: Use Glass to reflect the Laser beam and destroy the space dinosaur!

Day 4: Laser lab
Lasers also have several effects. What effects, you ask? Sounds like experiment time to me!

  • Laser Lab: Placing gems on the green spots gives Lasers special effects. From left to right, put Ruby, Sapphire, Amethyst and Obsidian.

Day 5: Energizing device
If you liked those effects, you'll love what's coming up!

  • Light the City: The right side of the city is dark. Light it up by using a gem-powered Laser!

Day 6: Deactivate the chip
Here's a challenge: can you activate the chip without burning everything?

  • Laser-Powered: E. Laser needs a power source in order to emit a beam. Put an E. Laser next to the correct power pixel and turn the chip on.

Day 7: From A to B
Moving elements from point A to point B at great speed... hmmm, what could it be? Ah, yes -- a Pipe!

  • Pump: Put one Pump pixel at the circuit's beginning and watch it take the elements in.
  • Pipe: Fill the circuit with Pipe and move elements from the Pump to the Drain.
  • Drain: Put one Drain pixel on the 'out' indicator. Then put some Stone near the Pump!

Day 8: Silos
Why don't you put your newfound knowledge to good use and fix these farmers' Pipes?

  • Fix the System: Fix the system by using a Pump pixel and spreading some element over it.

Day 9: No pollution!
Hey, this factory is using Pipes to pollute the river. Stop them!

  • Color Code: Put a Green or Red LED on the marked spot. While it's on, the same color Pump and Drain will be connected.

Day 10: Weird science
This is a complex mechanism for making an explosion -- but it's not complete!

  • Gas Sensor: A Gas Sensor detects smoke. Put it wherever it's needed!
  • Insulator: Insulator is a temperature-blocker. Place it over the Heaters that melt the Ice.
  • TNT Testing: Your objective is to make the circuit detonate the TNT. Can you do it?
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