Lonely Human Campaign

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The Lonely Human Campaign allows for the creation and management of humans within your creations.

Day 1: The beginning
Hey what happened to Tom? Seems he had a slight problem with his boat. Let's help him out, ok?

  • Enter the Wild: On the coast Tom has no chance of surviving -- but with Woodchopper magic powder he'll find a way into the wild.

Day 2: Hunter
A few more survival tips and Tom will be able to overcome anything!

  • Hunt: Tom is starving. Teach him to hunt Rabbits!
  • Hydrate: Tom looks thirsty. Put some water in the Well for him!

Day 3: Deep
Well, it seems Tom is going to wait for someone to rescue him. Guess he'll need something to build a shelter with!

  • Shelter: Tom needs some rock for his shelter. Clear the path to the rocks inside the cave.

Day 4: Shelter
Stone, Wood, everything we need! Tom must gather some of each and then start building!

  • Gathering: Make Tom gather 5 units of rock and 8 of wood with the Magic Powders.
  • Build Tom, Build: With enough resources, Tom will build a shelter! (Hold your finger over him to see resources)

Day 5: The journey
Hey, there's a Lighthouse way out there! Tom is feeling brave -- he's going to try and reach it!

  • Begin the Journey: Tom must cross the river as right now Tom is a Miner, you can tempt him with something shiny to do so.

Day 6: First obstacle
Wow, that's a big cliff! I think you should help Tom with this one!

  • Ladders, not Snakes: Tom can climb a little bit, but not too much. Gim him a boost!

Day 7: Volcano
Tom is afraid of fire. Let's find a way around this volcano!

  • It's Hot in Here: Help Tom get past this volcano!

Day 8: Cross the lake
A simple bridge won't be enough -- this lake is huge! How can we help Tom cross it?

  • Lake Crossing: Tom must get past this lake. Help him do it!

Day 9: Solitude
Hey, Tom looks really sad -- and the creepy landscape on this side of the island isn't helping.

  • Encourage Tom: Tom is discouraged and feels lonely. Tell him that you're there for him!

Day 10: Flood
Good thing we helped Tom, because here comes another test! A waterfall has just materialized out of nowhere!

  • Flood: Make Tom enter the cave.
  • Gate Mechanism: Fix the gate mechanism using some sort of Human detection.

Day 11: Three steps
Tom entered this cave, but it's a weird one! Let's help him find his way out.

  • Get through: Go through this obstacles and exit the cave.

Day 12: Lighthouse
It's dark outside, but we made it! Now let's turn this Lighthouse on!

  • Connect: Wire the electrical generator.
  • SOS Signal: Make a rescue signal by putting lights and notes at the top.
  • Power it: Light up this Lighthouse with some energy!

Day 13: Survival signals
Hey, what's that? It looks like a boat! Let's make sure they see Tom!

  • Make a Signal: Use fire to make a signal so they can see Tom!

Day 14: Sink again
Whoa, what's going on here? The boat crashed and is sinking! Help Tom get to safety!

  • Get Tom out of the boat: Quickly, Tom must reach the exit, up there!
  • Open the Gate: That gate up there is closed! Blow it up! Use electricity.
  • Build a Ladder: See those marks in the boat? Those are broken ladders. Use Wall Element.

Day 15: Destiny
Tom is down in the dumps. Hey, why don't we create a friend for him!

  • We're Right Back Where we Started: Give Tom some company.
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