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Mutant Monster is a 18-stage campaign for The Sandbox. In it, the player discovers MutaGem's unique properties on living beings!

Day 1: Aberrant
My experiments with energy caused a nuclear disaster so I should help with the recovery of the area... Let's eliminate these creatures before they harm any humans

  • You can drown the Aberration in Water or SeaWater. If you are careful enough you can also kill them with Fire, with a bigger Brush. Whatever method you decide to use, be careful not to kill any Humans.

Day 2: Underground
Radiation feels the strongest in this area. There's something special over there, below that building... Let's retrieve it for study.

  • The conveyor belt and wire are hiding something. Erase it so the laser can reach it
  • You need to electrify the factory
  • Keep the electricity flowing to gather the gems

Day 3: DeTox
While scientists prep the Lab for testing, let´s focus on the real reason I came... Let's start by eliminating the Toxic Waste in this building!

  • High temperatures make Toxic Waste melt, which will make it easier for the cleanup machines below to deal with the waste. Remember to turn on this machines with Electro.
  • You could also use acid but remember to neutralize it with water afterwards.

Day 4: Horde
The MutaGem we retrieved has attracted a horde of Aberrations towards one of the Lab's entrances. Let's deal with them!

  • Save the humans from the acid spit of the Aberrations!
  • Activate the traps with Electro to kill the Aberrations.

Day 5: Experiments
The researchers want to find out if the MutaGem has other interactions. Help them by using the MutaGem on each of these living beings.

  • Mutagem is listed on the Minerals Tab.

Day 6: Unleashed
Make Haijira fall to the Cold trap and get it back to the base.

  • Haijira can be frozen solid for a while, and you can keep it that way if you keep it in low temperatures. Take advantage of the Cold laser to restrain Haijira.
  • The Tank to the left has a Push Laser. Open the trap door and push Haijira so that it falls in it.

Day 7: Restrained
The MindRay is a tool that will allows us to pacify and control Haijira. Let's move it to the center area and control it with the MindRay.

  • The machine on the bottom left is a small Hydroelectric Generator. Use Water in it to turn on the Conveyor belts.
  • Once you bring it to the safe area, control Haijira using the MindRay element. The Ray falls from above and passes through most elements. When it comes in contact with a Giant Monster, it will control it.

Day 8: Boot camp
Great, now that we tamed it, we can teach it how to fight properly and provide some sort of guidance. Time to Train Haijira!

  • Haijira can climb solid elements by pressing the "Up" directional button when beside a vertical surface of at least 5 pixels height.
  • Haijira can heal itself by eating Uranium and MutaGem. Every 5 pixels consumed this way, it heals one HP point.

Day 9: Primal
Use Haijira's skills to destroy the Mechanical Giant.

  • MechaRex seems to have the same skill set as our Haijira! However, unlike Haijira, he attacks by chomping viciously with its robotic jaws.

Day 10: Crocs
The MechaRex is said to have come from the swamp nearby. Jones, please investigate the area. Beware of the Crocs!

  • Use Jones whip to latch to the poles in the level.
  • Release the moving platform, and then latch to it with the whip.

Day 11: Facade
Indeed, this abandoned house is just a facade. Arnold, find a way in and destroy any hostiles that get in your way. We need to get to the bottom of this!

  • Pay attention to the buttons scattered around the level. They are the key to advancing towards the exit.
  • In order to open the last doors, destroy their locking mechanisms using Arnold´s bullets. If you run out of bullets, you can get them at the dispenser in the Crocobot area.

Day 12: Metamorphosis
That symbol... this factory belongs to Crimson Cranium, an infamous crime syndicate! Arnold, Jones, destroy this lair any way you see fit. MutantDAY12.PNG

  • You'll need the key if you want to access all the rooms.
  • Remember you can swing from the ceiling with Jones's whip.

Day 13: Double Rex
Well... the mission was accomplished but we now have a big problem in our hands... We were lucky and only two of them transformed. Go Haijira! MutantDAY13.PNG

  • Uranium and MutaGem heal you on contact. Take advantage of your position to be able to win this 2 vs1.

Day 14: Defeat the DoomGrub
The Crimson Cranium has developed and released a new foe: the DoomGrub. The city is in ruins already, we need Haijira to stop it! MutantDAY14.PNG

  • While standing on solid ground the DoomGrub can't attack you from below.
  • There is some Uranium for you to heal on top the leftmost building.

Day 15: Free the DoomGrub
Time to test our enhanced MindRay with the DoomGrub. We first need to release this one and make the enemy lair into a better place for it. MutantDAY15.PNG

  • Before trying to Mind Control the DoomGrub, make sure you free it by exploding the locking mechanisms keeping its cage closed. Opening the air hatches (using Gas) will also help a lot for the Doomgrub's freedom of movement.

Day 16: Feeding
After that fight, the DoomGrub lost many segments. Fortunately, you can eat Uranium to recover it! Be careful though, the DoomGrub hates Water. MutantDAY16.PNG

  • Uranium deposits heal you when you eat them by passing through.
  • Avoid water deposits because water is toxic to DoomGrub.

Day 17: Defrost
Open the ice containers by touching the levers in the center.


  • Use Arnold's bombs from above to get rid of the turrets.
  • You cannot control monsters while your mind is occupied with controlling Arnold. Make sure he escapes through the exit after releasing the MechaRex, and before attempting to use the MindRay.

Day 18: Volcano Lair
Fill the enemy base with Lava or finish them off with the Doomgrub.


  • Eat through vent pipes so that the lava may flow into the chambers.
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