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Ninja is a 17-stage campaign for The Sandbox. In it, the player can now create and play with Ninja and onis.

Day 1: Basic training
Your master has summoned you to the Dojo. Something important is afoot!

  • Reach the dojo. Beware the lava river!

Day 2: In the attic
A ninja begins his training before dawn. Wake up and get your gear from your Sensei!

  • Go to the attic to meet your Sensei and get your Ninja Gear.

Day 3: Meet the Imps
Your real training begins now! Avoid the nasty Imps and reach your Sensei. Good luck!

  • Reach the Sensei

Day 4: The Imp Menace
That's an Imp tsunami! Destroy the generators before they overwhelm the world!

  • The Imp army is multiplying like vermin. Destroy their spawners before it's too late!

Day 5: Final exam
This is the day to prove you're a real ninja! Don't disappoint your Sensei.

  • Remember what you´ve learned and use your ninja skills to reach the Sensei and pass the test. Good luck!

Day 6: From the Shadows
Help Tom, your fellow spy, enter the fortress by the secret entrance.

  • Make your way through the sewers and open a path to the Fortress's secret entrance for Tom, a fellow spy.

Day 7: Into the Fortress
Ok, time to get serious. Enter the Dark Fortress and find out what's going on in there!

  • You must destroy the guards at the fortress entrance. Let's make some Lava!

Day 8: Save her
The Imps are holding the Shogun's daughter against her will deep within their fortress. It´s up to us ninjas to rescue her!

  • Whoops -- you triggered a time bomb when you entered this room. Save the princess before it's too late!

Day 9: Pull and Push

Acid, lava, burning's getting dicey. Find a way to open the exit door!


  • Time to learn about the Lasers' attractive and repulsive properties! Open the door to the Ying Yang.

Day 10: Crack the Safe
The Imp Master stores the powerful Sunstone in this treasure chamber. Steal it!

  • Activate the laser mechanisms and determine how to remove the Sunstone from the safe!

Day 11: Junior Spy
Tom has been captured! We need to rescue him. Don't be too hard on him -- he's still in training.

  • Tom's a newbie, and he's gone and gotten himself captured! Prepare the way so he can escape!

Day 12: Prism Core
The Imp army hasn't been vanquished completely, so it´s time to destroy the Imp Fortress. The Prism Core powers up most of the fortress's gadgets and machines.

  • Destabilize the Core´s wax tank to commence the Fortress's destruction.

Day 13: Building Bridges
The Fortress will start crumbling soon, so it´s time to escape. Lava pits stand in your way -- we need some bridges!

  • Survive the traps and use the Tractor and Repulsor beams to advance before it´s too late! Get to the Ying Yang.

Day 14: Moat of Death
You're back where you started -- at the rear entrance of the Fortress, which has been reduced to a lava pit.

  • Find a way to cross this lava-filled moat!

Day 15: The Last Stand
The surviving Imps have taken refuge in an ancient Imp Temple hidden within the cave. You must destroy the temple and put an end to their evil schemes once and for all!

  • "Conquer the Imps' last line of defense and infiltrate their Temple! (Ying Yang)


Day 16: Imp Temple
Our greatest fears have come true! Even without the Sun Stone, the Imp army has managed to summon its evil master, the Oni!

  • Open a path to the Temple's interior. Activate the mechanism to destroy the sacred seal! And jump into the Sanctum.

Day 17: Oni: the Final Boss
This is it. The Oni is waiting for us. Weakened as it may be, it has set many traps to destroy anyone bold enough to come and fight.

  • Evade the traps and escape Oni's wrath -- then lure him into his own hazards!
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