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The Pixel Art Campaign is a Campaign that allows for the creation of Pixel Art, a form of art related to pointillism that uses single dots (pixels) of colors to create a larger image.

Day 1: Squares
Welcome! I see you're eager to test your art skills. Pixel art is not as simple as dropping squares on a screen. Let's practice a little.

  • Make Squares: Use Obsidian to cover the outline. Be careful not to go outside the line!

Day 2: Curves
You've got the Squares down. Now, let's expand your knowledge. Today's lesson: Lines!

  • Make Lines: Continue using Obsidian to cover the new outline.

Day 3: Circles
Pay close attention: there's a very specific way to draw circles in pixel art. Observe these curves.

  • Make Curves: Squares were easy. Now let's make Circles!

Day 4: Structure
No, it's not a robot -- it's my shape, composed using basic geometry. This will help you plan before drawing.

  • Composing with Geometry: Now that we have Squares and Circles, let's use them to compose our drawing!

Day 5: Delineate
Let's raise the difficulty level. Here's my outline -- draw me, and please ensure you capture my best side.

  • Outlines: You're ready to start drawing! Cover the outline and get it ready.

Day 6: Color 1
Here I am, in all my glory; actually, no -- I'm kinda colorless. But I think you can fix that, right? Right??

  • Basic Coloring: Let's start coloring. Fill the spaces with the right gem color.

Day 7: Lines & color
Do you feel lucky? Are you prepared? Here's the ultimate challenge: draw me, paint me, create me!

  • Full Drawing: Great job so far! Now, test how far you've come, and try it by yourself!

Day 8: Color 2
I know I'm unique, but try copying my exquisite image. It's not that hard -- try painting the black borders first.

  • Copy and Paint - Easy: It's time to start practicing. Use Gems to bring this drawing to life!

Day 9: Color 3
Bigger, better, shinier, happier, harder. It's me, with elements! What could be more fun to draw?

  • Copy and Pain - Medium: You've done very well! Let's add more difficulty -- what do you think?

Day 10: Color 4
You inspire me! Now, I dare you to paint me with no copying model at the side!

  • Copy and Paint - Hard: Here's the ultimate test: paint the god, and prove yourself a true pixelartist!

Day 11: Typography
Back to the basics, Let's learn some typography!

  • Fonts: There are all kinds of fonts. Don't just copy them -- observe and learn as well!

Day 12: Shading
Now something more complex, a gradient. It's all about patterns!

  • Gradient: Use Pump, Pipe and Drain to copy the pattern and learn about Gradient!

Day 13: Shading 2
What about the light?, follow this example and try to understand how things reacts with light!

  • Shading: The required elements are: Electro, Bulb, Amethyst, Obsidian, LED Purple, Pump, Drain, Liquid Sensor and Very Cold Sensor.

Day 13: Typography & color
Now a little bit of everything, gradient, shading, and typography

  • Fonts, part two!: The required elements are: Bulb, Amethyst, Heater, E.Laser, TNT, LED Purple, Pump and Drain.

Day 15: Final exam!
And the final exam!, completely everything we've learned so far is here!

  • Final exam!: The required elements are: Bulb, LED Orange, Zircon, Obsidian, Sapphire, Pump, Drain, Wax, Bright, Very Cold Sensor and Liquid Sensor.
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