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Alien Invasion is a 10-stage campaign for The Sandbox. In it, the player can now create and play with Aliens living forms.

Day 1: Space Attack: easy
These little buggers are invading Earth! Use the controls to maneuver the Shooter and destroy them! Remember you can take cover behind Game Walls!

  • Press the 'insert coin' button to start controlling the Shooter. Send the Attackers to oblivion with your mighty weapon!

Day 2: Sneaker: easy
Using the controls, move the Sneaker and catch every green Gamepoint without hitting a wall!

  • The spawning green dots are Gamepoints. Catch 'em all to boost your score!

Day 3: Landing: easy
Drive the Lander to the metal plate. A green star shows the way. Take care to avoid the Attackers -- they're firing on the wrong planet!

  • Obtain control of the Lander by holding your finger over it in Zoom mode. Maneuver between the hazards and land on the metal plate.

Day 4: Laser Bikes: easy
Enter the grid to ride the uber-cool Laser Bike. Only one bike can win, so get the Intelli-bikes to crash into your trail!

  • Drive the Laser-Bike and trap your opponents while avoiding their trails!

Day 5: Space Attack: medium
They're back and faster than ever because of the temperature. You've got less Game Walls to hide behind, but it's your duty to destroy these pests!

  • Eradicate these swift Attackers from our skies! Shoot them down before it's too late!!

Day 6: Sneaker: medium
Another Sneaker -- great! This time you'll have to deal with an acid trap and some new walls. Remember not to eat your own tail!

  • Avoid the acid trap and earn 2,500 points or more

Day 7: Landing: medium
This is the Lander factory's testing grounds. Let's drive the Lander to where the green star is.

  • Fly to the green-starred metal plate in the factory testing grounds, while avoiding all traps.

Day 8: Laser Bikes: medium
The Laser Bike's engine works faster when hot, and slower when cool. Remember that when competing on this level!

  • Avoid the Game Walls and eliminate the nasty Intelli-bikes

Day 9: Space Attack: hard
This is the final confrontation with these annoyances, and your shelters are super-close now -- so be careful not to hit them. You are Earth's last hope -- go get 'em!

  • This is it! They're unleashing everything they've got. Show 'em what you're made of and win the day!

Day 10: Sneaker: hard
Hey, did you know that the Sneaker's speed changes with the temperature? Also, mind the laser and the speed trap!

  • Gather Gamepoints and increase your score. You can calculate the Laser by looking at the Electro

Day 11: Landing: hard
The final test has arrived. Drive the Lander to the metal platform -- and remember to oil it from time to time!

  • You think you're the grandmaster Lander pilot? Prove it!

Day 12: Laser bikes: hard
This is the end of the road, virtually-speaking. You have the skills, the know-how and the grid's best Laser-Bike. Victory is near!

  • This is for all the marbles. Do you have the skills that kill?
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