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The Robocalypse is a 15-stage campaign for The Sandbox. In it, the player can now create and play with robots characters.

Day 1: 21st Century
What's this? So many lights and sounds... What's going on here?

  • Time Traveler: These lights indicate that a Robot is arriving from the futur. Put one here!

Day 2: Objective
Oh, now I see! That Robot is trying to kill that Human! But why?

  • Last-Minute Escape: At the right moment, activate the Void Laser up there so the boy can escape from the Robot!

Day 3: Heavy Metal
It seems Robots are going to destroy Humanity's future! But what does this kid have to do with it?

  • Acid Machine: The Robot is waiting for you. Make a path to that button and activate the Acid machine!

Day 4: Hot Shot
The kid's name is Conner -- but I haven't figured out why the Robots are after him!

  • Fall: Send the Robot into that spot under the laser. Turn on the Conveyor Belt to do so!
  • Heat: Turn on the Lasers with the button up there!

Day 5: Electric Barrier
There must be a way of stopping them -- at least for a little while.

  • Electric Avenue: Find a way to power these circuits. Doing so may stop the Robot for a while!

Day 6: Free Fall
Yikes! More Robots have come to the present looking for Conner! What can we do?

  • Leap of Faith: Convince Conner to fall from that tower!

Day 7: Stealth
The Robots are destroying everything they encounter! Run, Conner! Run and hide!

  • Silent Escape: Find a way to get down there alive!

Day 8: Ninja Path
Many people are gathering in the north to resist the Robot apocalypse. Let's go!

  • Ninja: Use Fire and Wood to get through this building, which is full of Robot security. You must reach the tunnel entrance!

Day 9: Flood System
Conner reached the sewers and saw that they're under heavy Robot surveillance. Help him escape!

  • Flood System: Let's open the three gates that let Acid pass by so robots get trapped in here!
  • Escape!: Get Conner out before the Acid gets him!

Day 10: Resistance
There is a way of killing the robots. With extreme hot! Conner is trapped in this factory, let's help him to survive!

  • Raw Material: Find a way of getting those stones into the oven down there!
  • Hot Stuff: Transform the stones into lava!
  • Safe at last: Destroy the Robot with the lava!

Day 11: Signal
The resistance found a tower that robots are using to communicate within their network!

  • Control the tower: Find a way of eliminating the robot at the top of the tower and go there!

Day 12: Intruder
Well, Conner is going into this underground base. Let's help him destroy the Time Travel Machine!

  • Blow up: Sneak and activate the three buttons in order to destroy the Time Travel Machine number one!

Day 13: Saboteur
Here we are! Another one! Be fast and activate everything!

  • Risky: Be fast! activate every autodestruction device. You can use wood in those 4 white spots in order to make Conner fall.

Day 14: Expert
The last one, apply everything that you've learned before in order to make it through it!

  • Last Blast: Reach the two buttons and explode everything up!

Day 15: Machine
The resistance made a huge Laser machine with robot technology. Let's turn it on!

  • Fix: The Machine needs fixing. Turn on the button and use the sensors so the machine can get energy and destroy those robots!
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