SandMix Vol.1

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The SandMix Vol.1 is a 9-stage campaign for The Sandbox. In it, you can discover a variety of very diverse levels!

Day 1: Für Elise
Let's start the Sandmix Campaign Series with one of the world's best-known compositions, brought to The Sandbox by PianoRyde!
Sm1 1.PNG

  • Listen to the Music: Wait 'til the music ends and you'll win!

Day 2: PressPlayPeter
A Walrus more elegant than Beethoven, this beautiful drawing was made by SPARTA.KING
Sm1 2.PNG

  • Observe: You don't need to do anything. Just watch the Walrus.

Day 3: Fight the Fire
A building is on fire! Use Eruption in the water to douse the flames.
Sm1 3.PNG

  • Quench the Fire: Extinguish the fire before it consumes everything!

Day 4: AutoMachine
This contraption is made of conveyor belts and movement lasers. Repair it, turn the power on and watch it work!
Sm1 4.PNG

  • Repair the machine: Place Conveyor Belts on the marked spots.
  • Turn on the Power pixel: Turn the Power on in the bottom-right corner. To do this, Zoom in, press and hold on it to open the menu.

Day 5: Robots and Zombies
The Robots have found a hidden Human base, and some Zombies have also broken free. Act as the bases Defense AI and destroy them!
Sm1 5.PNG

  • Eliminate the Robots: To activate the traps at your disposal, use Electro on the green areas.
  • Kill the Zombies: The traps should also work on Zombies. End their suffering!

Day 6: Jade Ninja
The Princess has gone missing in the Jade Temple! The Ninja has been tasked with saving her -- and collecting all the Jade he can find!
Sm1 6.PNG

  • Grab all the Jade Tokens: Jade Tokens are scattered throughout the Temple. Grab them all!
  • Rescue the Princess: Save the Princess trapped in the Temple's depths!

Day 7: Froggy
Help the Sneaker reach the level's top end. Avoid the obstacles or he'll die, and you'll have to start over!
Sm1 7.PNG

  • Stay Alive: Avoid the moving platforms and lasers and reach the level's end alive.

Day 8: Sprint Snake
Do you like racing games ? Test your skills in this sprint!
Sm1 8.PNG

  • Gotta Go Fast!: Reach the pink game point. The others don't matter.

Day 9: Celebration Day
Let's celebrate the mix with some fireworks! Activate this godly machine, but be careful not to turn on the rain!
Sm1 9.PNG

  • Heat Things Up: Put some Heater on the wire below the flask.
  • Shooting Lasers!: Put a Laser on any of the blue spots inside the machine. Only one will work -- the others will make it rain!

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