SandMix Vol.2

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The SandMix Vol.2 is a 9-stage campaign for The Sandbox. In it, you can discover a variety of very diverse levels!

Day 1: Minuet in G
Welcome to Vol.2 of the Sandmix Series, featuring another well-known composition from HScolex!
Sm2 1.PNG

  • Listen: Listen to the Music until the end and you'll win!

Day 2: T-Rex PixelArt
De detailed drawing of the 'proud king of dinosaurs' was made by JetBoom1204
Sm2 2.PNG

  • Watch: All you need to do is watch the PixelArt!

Day 3: Treehouse
Time to make some Buildings! Activate this machine and adjust it so it's as efficient as possible!
Sm2 3.PNG

  • Get 255 Wood!: Activate the machines and adjust them for maximum efficiency.
  • Build a Treehouse!: Activate the Special Element on the Resource bar and place it.

Day 4: The Quarry
Welcome to the Quarry! The Humans are digging through Stone for Gems to sell as Jewelry, but their machines aren't working. They need your help!
Sm2 4.PNG

  • Gather 360 Stone!: Fix the extraction machines so that the miners can do their job.
  • Set the Jewelry: Activate the Jewelry and set it on the surface.

Day 5: Food Supplies
The Humans are building a Restaurant and they want to have the food supplies ready. Make this Farming Facility more efficient!
Sm2 5.PNG

  • Gather 200 Food!: To gather food faster, give the Humans the correct jobs.
  • Build a Restaurant: Activate and place a Restaurant on an open space.

Day 6: Space Program
We need more minerals! If we get 175 Aluminite, we can build the spacemen a shelter. Drill in the lake, but be careful not to let any Xenovine out.
Sm2 6.PNG

  • Gather 175 Aluminite!: Remove the water and keep drilling until the pipe and pump are over the Aluminite.
  • Make a Space Colony: Activate and place a Space Station on an open area.

Day 7: Hunter
Uh-oh -- some Humans have picked a bad spot for their Chicken farm! Teach them how to protect their animals and defeat the Foxes!
Sm2 7.PNG

  • Hunt to Defend: Turn the Human into a Hunter
  • Stockpile Wood: Make the Humans on the hilltops gather wood.
  • Shoot an Arrow: Make the Hunter shoot an Arrow at the Foxes.

Day 8: Help the Crow
Hey, Crows need nourishment too! How about helping this little bird gather food? After all, winter is coming...
Sm2 8.PNG

  • Down to Business: Do something about the Humans and the Scarecrows.

Day 9: Breaking Bad
This level involves using the E. Drain. To extract elements from the silos, attach Electro to their ends.
Sm2 9.PNG

  • The E.Drain!: Place E-Drains next to a pipe and next to some metal under the bank.
  • Boil some Acid!: To drop Lava, use Electro over the metal that's beneath the buildings.
  • Open the Gates!: Mix Water and Acid by electrifying the metal below the Acid pool.

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