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'Underwater' is a campaign of 18 levels where you will follow Jones in his search for the Lost City of Atlantis. He will, however, spend most of the adventure in the Submarine, and will find an unexpected friend on the way: the Atlantean Prince. Fight your way through underwater caves, mysterious temples, and even the mouth of a giant beast.

Day 1: Library
In the aftermath of the monster rampage, Jones set out to find more about the gem that started it all. At this ancient library, his next adventure will begin.
Underwater Day1.PNG

  • Use the whip to swing across big gaps.

Day 2: Cavern
To get to the firs object, we need to pass through this cavern. The path is blocked, but our submarine is equipped for this. Break through using torpedoes!
Underwater Day2.PNG

  • Use your torpedoes to make that push block fall into the cracked rock.
  • Blast that column down with more torpedoes.

Day 3: Sharks
The Submarine can’t move any closer, so Jones will have to dive in. Watch out for the Sharks! Observe their moving patterns and the color of their eyes.
Underwater Day3.PNG

  • The Sharks move from one side to the other in search of prey. They have a predictable pattern so take advantage of that to avoid them.
  • Sharks only attack when hungry. When this happens, their eyes turn red and they move faster. They go back to normal after eating enough.

Day 4: Submarines
To reach the location of the gem we need to get through another cave. What’s a Submarine doing here…? Wait … they are opening fire! Defend yourself!
Underwater Day4.PNG

  • The Submarine moves with inertia, so it might take a while until you get used to its movement. It can also resist 3 blows before exploding.
  • The Submarine shoots Torpedoes, projectiles that can only move in Liquids.

Day 5: Tunnel
From this point onwards you’ll be on foot, it’s too narrow for the Submarine. There are air pockets to breathe on the way but… poisonous Jellyfish everywhere.
Underwater Day5.PNG

  • Be careful and avoid touching the Jellyfish. They may look nice and shiny, but they are extremely poisonous!
  • Make sure to breathe in the air pockets on the way to avoid drowning.

Day 6: Boarding
We have been ambushed and the sub is under attack! How do they keep finding us? Flood the lower rooms and repel the enemy to survive!
Underwater Day6.PNG

  • First close the blast doors to the lower level. Then pump in water to drown the Grunts.

Day 7: Pursuit
Quick! This is not the revealed route but according to the map this shortcut we’ll lead us to the same destination. Lose our pursuers by blocking the path!
Underwater Day7.PNG

  • The giant stalactite will only crumble if hit on the right (the side full of cracks). Shoot a torpedo to exploit this weak point and block the path with stones.
  • You do not need to fight the enemy submarines. Focus on blocking the path and escaping!

Day 8: Lost
It’s getting even stranger now…Spikes are protruding from the walls. Look! Someone’s trapped behind that rock! Let’s help him!
Underwater Day8.PNG

  • Avoid trying to move fast, nobody is rushing you. Baby steps.

Day 9: Leviathan
The Atlantean explained our current situation. This is not a cave, we are inside of a giant fish! We’ll escape as soon as it hits the Leviathan in the uvula.
Underwater Day9.PNG

  • Attack the monsters uvula to open the way to freedom!

Day 10: Backdoor
I can see Atlantis right in front of us! We need to find a way in. The atlantean suggests a backdoor that can only be used by Atlanteans like him.
Underwater Day10.PNG

  • Move the Atlantean into the control room.
  • Activate the buttons from left to right.

Day 11: Atlantis
With our friend’s guidance, the rest of the journey was easy. This is the entrance to Atlantis! However, something seems off…
Underwater Day11.PNG

  • The Atlantean can heal by eating fish and Algae. He eats them by coming into contact with them.
  • The Submarine cannot be damaged by the ranged attack of the Atlanteans, so attack them with it when possible.

Day 12: Entrance
The captives recognized our friend: he’s the Atlantean Prince! We must go to the Temple. Open the path with Torpedoes and the Gates with the Atlantean. Underwater Day12.PNG

  • The Anemones will try to pull you towards them. The green ones are harmless but the red ones will try to eat you!

Day 13: Temple
Now it’ll be up to Jones and the Prince. They must work together to advance to the next area. Open the gates and survive the obstacles! Underwater Day13.PNG

  • Make sure to heal yourself by eating the Algae if your health runs low when fighting the corrupted Atlanteans.
  • Use the whip carefully in the area with the Spikes and the Piranhas. There’s danger both above and below, so being careless will kill you.

Day 14: Reversed
These rooms may look easy at first, but will quickly become difficult.However, rushing it won’t help. Be patient and pay attention to the safe, breathing areas. Underwater Day14.PNG

  • Make use of the water/air pockets to breathe with the Atlantean/Jones.
  • In order to get the Red Key, imprison the Shark in its cage with the button below.

Day 15: Teamwork
The Temple is starting to look like Labyrinth now! This challenge looks hard, but you just need to figure out the order of the actions to take to advance. Underwater Day15.PNG

  • Toggle between characters often. This level is meant for them to cooperate.
  • Activate the pumps to flood or drain an area. Remember to wait before you move in.
  • Use the Whip to help you climb.

Day 16: Ancient
At the Atlantean’s request, Jones has gone back to Atlantis. No wonder he did… There’s an Ancient Monster that will be awakened if disturbed. Make sure you don’t! Underwater Day16.PNG

  • Destroy Cutethulu¡s Sensor eyes by activating the buttons along the way before going for the keys. Awakening the Ancient One will have devastating results.
  • In the last area, use the Atlantean’s Dash skill to reach the exit.

Day 17: Antechamber
This is the entrance to the Chamber of the Trident! Sneak in the Submarine, release the captive Atlanteans, and shoot your enemies with their own weapons. Underwater Day17.PNG

  • These dangerous waters are infested with Jellyfish but you can go heal with the Algae below if it becomes too harsh.
  • Going on a frontal assault is a bad idea that will most probably get you killed. Infiltrate the Submarine instead, and use their own weapons agains them.

Day 18: Trident
Make sure you aren’t seen, we don’t know if they still have any hostages. Dodge the Mercenaries and deal with them using the might of the Trident of Atlantis! Underwater Day18.PNG

  • Receiving damage does not make the level impossible. Eat the fish to heal damage taken.
  • Wait in the water so that you don’t drown.

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