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The User-Created 2 Campaign adds a variety of stages culled exclusively from community generated content.

Day 1: computer =)
You've been working on this software for so long. Time to run it and see if it works! - by tomek51882

  • To see it crash, Fill or Replace its icon (lower left) with the Eraser tool.

Day 2: kakokakokakokakoka
This awesome lab is ready for you. Let's experiment with colors! - by utfyrh38

  • To make the acid water change colors again, we need to cool it off. Put some cooler where the arrow is pointing to.

Day 3: Portal Lazer
Welcome to the Laser Training Center. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to trigger the alarm with electricity. - by lgf555

  • Use the acid in the tanks on the left to operate the big laser and trigger the alarm with electricity.

Day 4: Robot and Zombi
This strange place is a prison for humanity's enemies, where humans test their lasers on them. Help the humans discover the gems' effects! - by julian777GOD

  • Using only gems, eliminate the robots and zombies. Spare no one!

Day 5: teleporto
This machine will teleport the alien from one chamber to the other. To start it up, use a liquid. - by 007jz

  • To start the teleportation experiment, use any liquid.

Day 6: In The Portal!
Check out this skygate! I haven't seen one since I invented them 5,000 years ago. Let's turn this baby on! - by SokobanKyuuJuu

  • The skygate needs electricity. Add a battery below the green arrow at exactly 32 steps of speed, and connect it with the metal below.

Day 7: tree producer
The Earth is facing an ecological crisis. Let's help humanity fix the problem with this tree producing machine! - by duckingod

  • This machine will heal the world! Let's finish building it using obsidian and tree seeds.

Day 8: Marquee
This world uses advanced electronics, including lasers, metal, LEDs and crosswire, to show a scrolling phrase! - by ARN

  • This impressive marquee scrolls red text. Let's make the LED colors blue!
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