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The User-Created Campaign adds a variety of stages culled exclusively from community generated content.

Day 1: Colorful rain
It's raining colors! Thank you Josh Reed for this wonderful world!

  • Complete the Rainbow: Determine which color is missing and place it above the Multi.

Day 2: Moon painting
This is a nice nighttime landscape made by SgarFreeGum. Let's complete it!

  • Draw the Moon: Follow the instructions and draw a nice, big Moon. Make it shiny too!

Day 3: Copy machine
JaySun525 found a way to duplicate one's drawings. Why don't you give it a try?

  • Draw something: Using Wax and Mud, draw something in the upper section.
  • Copy your drawing: Using the Fill tool, erase the glass so your drawing can fall and be copied.

Day 4: Mood reader
Conabcnor had the great idea of making a machine that can determine your daily mood!

  • Activate the machine: Erase the block of Wood and let the gems fall.

Day 5: LED show
Pyromuffin delighted us with this beautiful electrical scenery. Let's light it up!

  • Draw some smileys in the empty circles: Fill the second row of smilies with Yellow LEDs.
  • Turn it on: Complete the bottom-left pattern with Metal and power it with an Electro.

Day 6: Robot wars
Say hello to this awesome robot and its massive weapons -- created by Rodrigo Mad!

  • Fix the Weapon: The weapon aren't working. They need a cold source to get the TNT reloaded fast!
  • Revive the Bot: Connect the Robot in the middle's mind with the other two.

Day 7: Rainbow bridge
Thanks to Ely, we learned how to manipulate the lights in this awesome world!

  • Generate Power: Heat the bottom-left corner in order to activate the electrical system.
  • Complete the Bridge: Using Wall, copy the pattern atop the bridge's first column onto the bridge's second column and watch how the lights behave.

Day 8: Destroyer
We'd like to show you this wicked evil Lava machine that XDSplitZ made!

  • Place some Ammunition It's a machine that melts something and makes Lava. Put Raw Material up there!
  • Turn the machine on: Put Power at the beginning of the wiring and bring it to life!

Day 9: Underground city
This underground village was made by Smufygeorge. It's up to you to fill it with life!

  • Turn the Cold Sensor on: Use something cold to activate the Cold Sensor!
  • Turn the Hot Sensor on: Use something hot to activate the Hot Sensor!
  • Turn the Water Sensor on: Activate the general Electrical system by putting water in the right place.

Day 10: Space battle
Ask the brains behind this great creation, SCD, what inspired him!

  • Activate the primary Weapon: The ship has no energy. Open the Acid reserve and activate the primary Weapon.
  • Activate the secondary Weapon: A blue enemy ship is still down there. Activate the Electro Machine Guns and destroy it!
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