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Zombie Attack is a 20-stage campaign for The Sandbox. In it, the player can now create and play with zombie characters.

Day 1: Genesis
These nuclear plants are spreading some kind of virus. You need to stop it!

  • Stop the virus!: The humans are trying to stop the virus, but they can't. Help them with some AVirus!

Day 2: Miracle
WOW -- the virus is turning people into zombies! I've seen this in movies, but I never thought it could happen here!

  • Plant a miracle!: Zombies will kill these humans! Try using seeds to stop them!

Day 3: Deep
This lady is in trouble. Help her!

  • Enter the abyss: Use Fill and Eraser on the wood blocks and send the zombie into the abyss!

Day 4: Burning!
These miners are now zombies. Destroy them! Yeah, it stinks, but they're really dangerous.

  • Lava flow!: That lava is retained there, but its heat isn't. Use stone over it!

Day 5: Drowning
They've reached a small dam, but it's malfunctioning! Fix it so the operator can activate it!

  • Fix the dam!: Use CrossWire to fix the dam and drown the zombies!

Day 6: Dead mine
The zombie miners are chasing the last uninfected miner. Help him!

  • Close the mine!: Use the explosives and trap the zombies inside the mine!

Day 7: Dino vs. Zombie
Dinosaurs in oil form are useful against zombies (wink wink)!

  • Fuel it!: There's a liquid sensor attached to a heater. Try fueling the oil to detonate the TNT!

Day 8: Gas factory
It seems Acid has a weird effect on the zombies. Let's experiment with it!

  • Feeling gassy?: Gas is needed for a proper explosion -- so let's pour Acid on these zombies!
  • Energy!: After generating gas, turn the power on at the circuit's beginning!

Day 9: Detonator
That building is REALLY infested, and we don't have much time. This calls for drastic measures!

  • Let there be light!: Solar panels take sunlight and turn it into energy. By the way, it's dark in here!

Day 10: Sewers
The sewers are infested with zombies too! Use the factories on the surface to block or destroy the flesh-eaters!

  • Block and destroy!: Block or Destroy the zombies by using Fill and Eraser on the factories' Glass blocks!

Day 11: Sinking
This boat is polluting everything -- and its crew are now zombies!

  • Pollute to survive?: Use the power of Acid pollution to stop these zombies before they reach the human!

Day 12: Heroes
The woodchopper and the miner have prepared several traps! They must use them to save the human!

  • Defensive maneuver!: There are 3 traps. Using Stone or Wood, tell the humans where to go and which trap to trigger before the zombies reach their base!

Day 13: Mall mayhem
This mall has one survivor and a bunch of zombies! Help the woodchopper reach her!

  • Intruder alert!: Use Wood to guide the woodchopper. He must reach the mall's top and save the human!

Day 14: Rescue race
Run, woodchopper, run! Save the human! And you -- you must help him!

  • Saviour!: Help the woodchopper descend swiftly to the building's bottom. Then, fix the laser so the zombies can be stopped!

Day 15: Cure!
Eureka! The humans found a cure and are spreading it with a cannon. Help them deploy their A-Virus!

  • Power up!: Give energy to the Cannon!
  • Open the gates!: The lasers will open the wax gates, but each requires a specific gem for sensor activation.
  • Finish them!: Finish off the zombie invasion. Since several are hiding, use some of their own medicine'

Day 16: Finishing
The cure killed most of the zombies, but a few survived. Let's finish them off!
Zac 16 map.PNG

  • Seek and Destroy: Lure the zombie in front of the laser and then kill him! Be sure don't kill any human!

Day 17: Military
A couple of zombies and a human survivor are trapped inside this military base. How can we get the human out and kill the zombies at the same time?
Zac 17 map.PNG

  • Activate Defenses: If you can reach the bottom-left corner you can activate the laser defense system!

Day 18: Cave
A cave full of zombies! Let's see how we can eradicate them.
Zac 18 map.PNG

  • Clear a Path: The auto-destruction circuit is broken -- you'll have to fix it with the Void laser.
  • Auto-Destruction: After fixing the circuit, get to the top of the cave and activate the auto-destruction device!

Day 19: Factory
This factory needs cleaning too. Let's do it!
Zac 19 map.PNG

  • Gas leak: Find a way to fill the center tube with gas!
  • Foundry: Turn on the gas and activate the Foundry system in order to kill the zombie!

Day 20: Sacrifice
This place is full of zombies, and only one brave person has dared confront them. She's willing to give her life for the cause!
Zac 20 map.PNG

  • Bravery: She wants to destroy everything, including herself. It's a tough decision, but there's no other way. Help her do it!

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