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Brainiac Campaign

Brainiac 1 The Brainiac campaign introduces an alien artificial intelligence which can control all technological element.

Day 1: Close Encounter
Humanity has discovered an extraterrestrial lifeform! It will help the world become a better place!

  • Use the joypad to move Brainiac inside the vents.

Day 2: Clear the Debris
The scientists are testing the Brainiac's abilities. Let's help the humans with this terrible accident.
Brainiac0-2.pngbr />

  • To move the metal beam, bring the Brainiac into contact with it and press the 'assimilate' button.

Day 3: Hack the Gate
The Brainiac has numerous abilities! For example, it can trigger electricity on the Gate Controls
Brainiac0-3.pngbr />

  • Bring the Brainiac into contact with the loose wires and generate electricity by pressing the Electro button

Day 4: Assemble the Train
The Brainiac can automatically assimilate structures that have auto-dock slots. We call them bodies since they give the Brainiac new functions
Brainiac0-4.pngbr />

  • Enter the locomotive cabin with the Brainiac and it will automatically assimilate with the locomotive. Then move the locomotive to assemble the other cars.

Day 5: Face Time
Time to customize the Brainiac. It needs a face, and also some wiring work for its rocket launcher arm
Brainiac0-5.pngbr />

  • Give the Brainiac a face by using any gem design you desire.
  • When the Brainiac docks with the Robot, a new button will appear. Use it to launch rockets.

Day 6: Advanced Ship
Let's build a spaceship! At the top is a finished model. To the left are the elements you must use. Below is a blueprint to follow.
Brainiac0-6.pngbr />

  • Follow the design drawn in the level's background.
  • White is Bright and Red is Heater, except for the Ruby after the E-Laser
  • Remember to put glass between the Laser and Ruby, and between Ruby and the Heater.

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